AMD History

The organization in the making; AMD, from concept to reality!

  • First brainstorm Dinner Meeting at Shahi Palace, Woodbridge, NJ September 22, 2013
    • Convener, Tariq Khan

About 50 participants attended the meeting. Everyone had the chance to speak and share their thoughts. How to start a grassroots movement for civic engagement was the take home message?

  • Second Community Awareness Dinner Meeting about getting involved with democratic process at Shezan Restaurant, September 29, 2013
    • Conveners, Mahmood Alam, Mian Aziz, Farrukh Nizam, Mohammad Zubair

About 75 individuals including representatives of the local Masajid participated and felt a great need for an organization to educate Muslims about their civic responsibilities and the need for political involvement.

  • Third Meeting was held at Tariq Khan’s House on 01/04/14; follow-up to first meeting of September 22, Dr. Alam shared the “Edison Experience” to make the case for a new organization, New Jersey Muslims Political Affairs Committee “NJ-MPAC”, Dr. Alam’s plea was received with grain of salt by some participants. Overall response the positive to explore further the need for such organization. Saad Abbasi offered to organize next meeting in the neighborhood of Islamic Society of Central Jersey.
  • Fourth Community Dinner Meeting “NJ-PMAC” at Shahi Palace Lawrenceville, NJ, February 15, 2014
    • Convener, Saad Abbasi

About 50 individuals representing the cross section of NJ Muslims including Arabs were in attendance. Saad Abbasi welcomed the audience and introduced Tariq Khan and Mahmood Alam to talk about importance of Muslim presence in the political arena. Dr. Alam made another power point presentation for the establishment of new organization. His plea was again received with mixed feelings on the effectiveness of such organization in the face of wide spread “Islamophobia” and marginalization of Muslim community. Dr. Alam argued Muslim civil rights could only be protected by active participation in the political process.

  • Brainstorming Tele meetings continued for another month and a Name for the organization proposed initially as, “American Muslims for Justice and Democracy (AMJD)”
  • An e-mail list serve was created on February 20, 2014 and we continued to entertain ideas and brainstorming to register the new organization.
  • March 9, 2014, Dr. Mahmood Alam proposed the first draft of Bylaws for AMD at a Luncheon Meeting; Shalimar Restaurant, North Brunswick.
  • April 2014, the consensus was built to provisionally name at least 3 officers to move forward the work of AMD; Mahmood Alam, as President, Tariq Khan as Secretary, and Mohammad Zubair as 1 of the 3 proposed Vice President(s) in the Bylaws of AMD. These individuals were designated to move forward the organization and to register it. Later on, M. Kamran Hashmi was proposed to be the Treasurer of the organization. In principle, all Officers have to be the members Board of Directors.
  • April 2014, the name was finalized to be the AMERICAN MUSLIMS FOR DEMOCRACY (AMD). The reason to remove word “justice” was to leave work of active struggle for civil liberties to civil rights organizations like Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) and be focused on the grassroots community empowerment through education, civic engagement, and political activism. Ahsen Janjua, Esq. at SSJ Law group was hired to register AMD as an non-profit social organization under the provisions of 501-C 4
  • May 9, 2014, AMD registration was confirmed by the New Jersey Department of the Treasury, Division of Revenue and Enterprise services; NJ 10-Digit ID: 040065846 IRS issued Employer Identification Number: 46-5622330
  • September 2014, first Bank account was opened under AMD at Columbia bank by Mahmood Alam, President, Mohammad Zubair, Vice President, and M. Kamran Hashmi, Treasurer.
  • September – December, 2014, formal requests were sent to about 23 citizens residing in New Jersey to join AMD as its board members. The communication was jointly sent by Mahmood Alam and Tariq Khan.
  • December 14, 2014, first official meeting of board of directors held. The following founding Board was elected. Mahmood Alam, Yusuf Dadani, M. Kamran Hashmi, Nadeem Haque, Iqbal Jafri, Arif Jamil, Talha Z Khan, Tariq Khan, Atif Nazir, Ozair Omarzai, Farhat Sabzwari, Nadeem Saleem, Helmi Saud, Tayyab Shaheen, and Mohammad A Zubair. The following Officers were inducted.
  • Mahmood Alam, President, Mohammad Zubair, Vice-President (central Jersey), Tariq Khan, Secretary, and M. Kamran Hashmi, Treasurer.
  • The Bylaws of AMD were thoroughly discussed and approved with proposed changes after line by line reading from the Bylaws during the meeting.
  • The official Logo of AMD was voted upon and approved by the board.
  • Brother Saad Abbasi became board member at the March 8, 2015 meeting of AMD. Meanwhile, Brother M. Yusuf Dadani and Dr. Helmi Saud were appointed as the 2nd and 3rd Vice Presidents of AMD under the provisions of Bylaws.