Dr. Alam has been very active in the community for the Advocacy of Muslim Community on the issues of Civil Liberties, profiling and immigration for more than 2 decades. He has helped organizing four Days on the Hill in the last decade held by Association of Physicians of Pakistani-descent of North America (APPNA) and in collaboration with Pakistan Political Action Committee (PAKPAC). He has personally participated in the Medical Relief efforts in hurricanes Tsunami and Katrina, and in the relief efforts of Pakistan and Kashmir Earthquake during 2005-2006 and Baluchistan earthquake 2008. Dr. Alam has also served on the board of Trustees and Board of Directors of Human Development Foundation (HDFNA). He served on the board of New Jersey Chapter of Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), 2010-2012. He has helped organizing and funding numerous educational and charitable projects for women and children in the US and Pakistan through various non-governmental organizations. Dr. Alam also served as the Chair of Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) Relief Program from 2006-2008. Dr. is one of the Trustee of Majid Al-Wali, Edison, New Jersey. Most recently, he has co-founded American Muslims for Democracy (AMD); a grassroots organization that empowers Muslim citizens through education, civic engagement, and political activism in New Jersey. Dr. Alam is the Founding President of AMD.

Dr. Mahmood Alam hails from Lahore, Pakistan. He graduated from Allama Iqbal medical College, Lahore, Pakistan, class of 1983. Dr. Alam came to the US in 1987 and completed his training in Molecular Cardiology Research, Residency in Internal Medicine, Fellowships in Cardiovascular medicine, and Interventional Cardiology , from 1989-1996 at State University of New York (SUNY), Downstate Medical Center, Brooklyn, New York.

Presently Dr. Alam is Director of Non-Invasive Cardiology at Raritan Bay Medical center (RBMC), where he also serves on the faculty of Internal Medicine Residency Program. He also served as the Director, Critical Care at RBMC from 2009-2013. He is Clinical Assistant Professor at Rutgers School of Medicine, Newark, New Jersey. He also served on the faculty of Downstate Medical Center from 1996 to 2001. Dr. Alam started his medical career as the Director of Coronary Care Unit at Kings County Hospital Center, Brooklyn in 1996. He also served as Director of Interventional Cardiology Program at SUNY Downstate Medical Center from 1999-2000. During these years Dr. Alam consistently mentored Pakistani physicians to get them into residency programs. There are numerous physicians who are now practicing physicians in the US whose careers were initiated by his mentorship.

Dr. Alam organized and directed the first Young Doctors’ Seminar on August 6, 2000 when he was New York Chapter President of Association of Physicians of Pakistani-descent of North America (APPNA). He was amongst the founding members and played a key role in the creation of the Task Force on Young Physicians by APPNA in 2003 in the wake of post September 11 profiling of Muslim Americans. He helped in the founding of Allama Iqbal Medical College Alumni Association of North America in 1996 and served its President in 2000. He was the prime mover in the revitalization of NYC Chapter of APPNA in 1997, and he founded New Jersey Chapter of APPNA in 2003. He served on the APPNA Council representing Region 2 in 2002. He rose through the ranks in APPNA serving as Treasurer 2005, Secretary 2006, President Elect 2007, and served as President of APPNA in 2008