Urgent appeal

Ramadan Donation Drive

Funds will be distributed to various organizations providing critical services to the Muslim community and community at large in NJ. We take Zakat, Sadaqah, Fitra ($10 per person). Please donate generously and earn rewards for this good deed

What we have done:
Ramadan 2020 we raised and distributed $16300
Ramadan 2021 we raised n distributed $7500
September 2021 raised n donated $4646 for Afghan refuges
Funds raised for various politicians within NJ and out of NJ
Funds raised for Governor’s election

The goal for Ramadan 2022 fund drive
Ramadan 2022 goal is $20,000
Funds were distributed to various organizations throughout NJ

PayPal – Americanmuslimsfordemocracy@gmail.com

Send check to – AMD-ECE – 6 King Arthurs Court, Edison, NJ 08820